Laboratory :

  • Well equipped Physical Science, Biological Science laboratory for VI and X standard students.
  • Well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Electrical Machines & Appliances laboratory for XI and XII standard students.
  • Well established Computer Science laboratory with 32 computers connected with UPS and LCD TV facility to fulfill the need of IX, X, XI and XII students.
  • Well furnished Typewriting room with 24 typewriting machines for the benefit of XI & XII standard students
  • Library facility to enrich the knowledge of students and teachers
  • Audio Visual Room equipped with LCD Projector, DVD player and Laptop to update the knowledge of the students.
  • Meeting Hall equipped with furniture, audio system, LCD Projector facility to fulfill the thirst of knowledge.
  • Social Science Museum with rare collections and maps to facilitate the student community.
  • Playground with courts for volley ball, basket ball, foot ball, hand ball, ball badminton, badminton, high jump, long jump, heats, hurdles, kabaddi, yoga, etc., to make the students physically fit.
  • Other facilities like canteen, toilet, water points, park, herbal garden, etc., are made to fulfill the need of the students.
  • Well established students hostel to facilitate the rural students
  • Well equipped computerized office