Social Science Museum

President : Mr. D. Ramesh, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.,

Convener : Mr. A. Kangaikonda Cholan, B.A., D.T.Ed., B.Ed., B.T Assistant(History)

Aim : To know the importance of History, Geography and Civics

  • The model of continents – North America, Africa, Australia, Asia.
  • The collection of pictures of important leaders and politicians and freedom fighters of India.
  • An electronic board to know the boundary of Ashoka, Akbar and Harshar
  • Electronic boards for Indian Railway, Air routes, Ports, etc.,
  • Model of sand and rocks. (A stone is taken from Himalayan at 12000 feet on the way to Amarnath)
  • 2011 – 2012 Old coin exhibition was conducted by our old student Mr. P. Chellavel
  • First time in our school history S. Sahul Arabath of 10 B scored centum in Social Science in March 2012.
  • Laminated Maps – Physical and Political – India, Asia, Europe, World
  • * Old coin collections
  • Stamp collection ( India & Foreign)