Our Patron SG Jayaraj Nadar

In the Southern end of Tamilnadu lies the famous city ‘Sathankulam’. Nearby village is ‘Pandarapuram’. In this village amidst the palm trees is the area of ‘Sathya Nagar’. There born the honorable personalities Santhosha Nadar called Saravana Perumal and Throupathiammal. From this dynasty comes Thiru Gnanakan Nadar. In those days he was distinguished from others in his education with the skills of reading and writing. He was a grocery merchant as well as document writer. With the arrival of his wife Valliammal his life prospered. Our patron’s parents are this couple only.

He was the sixth son of his parents. He was educated and brought up with all high and noble qualities. From his father he derives the knacks and techniques of a trader in marketing.

At the age of 12, he shifted himself with his brothers to Periyakulam. In a village called ‘Villupatti’ he started a grocery shop. The produces of the hill stations just as potato, garlic, pear were taken by him by walk to the places below. Day by day he worked hard without any transport facility. His toil and determination made him come up in life. He married Annapakiam who was called Seeniammal the daughter of the couple Manicka Nadar and Prakasi Ammayar from Chinnamanur.

In those days kodaikanal was the resting hill station of the English people. He had contacts with the English people at Kodaikanal. Jayaraj Nadar bought a vehicle from an English man and with his help he improved his trade. Also, he entered into the ‘Transport Business’ named ‘Nadar Motor Service’. The English rulers competed with Jayaraj Nadar with the name ‘English Motor Service’. As the English people found it difficult for these two traders in the narrow hill roads, they planned to join both these motor companies. As a result came the Kodaikanal motor union. Jayaraj Nadar became the major share holder of this company.

His one and only invaluable daughter was married to the famous doctor Johnson in Madurai. His eight sons were deputed in various motor companies and they were given higher education and individual industries.

Jayaraj Nadar’s talent and skill are immeasurable. Once there was a severe landslide in the hill roads. Even before the steps taken by the government engineers, Jayaraj Nadar himself took immediate steps and repaired them to the astonishment of everybody. Before the expected time he completed the work and got appreciated. Further because of his efforts, from Kodaikanal the hill road to Munnar through Barijam was laid. The English people were surprised and amazed at his work.

In the year 1951, the Nadar Uravinmurai was registered. As a school was to be started by the uravinmurai, he donated one lakh amount whole heartedly. Directly he involved himself in the construction of building. He also offered his vehicles to carry the building materials to be taken from various places to the spot. After the school was opened, he also donated a bus for the transport facility of the students.

With the blessings, wishes and the grace of this high, noble man ‘Jayaraj Nadar’, our school has blossomed into a tree where every bud is breaking into flower.