Citizen Consumer Club

Motto : AWARE ! ALERT !! ACT !!!

AimProvides knowledge, attitudes and skills to make a person a better consumer
PresidentMr. D. Ramesh, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.,
CoordinatorMr. J.P. Zumbro Nallathambi Ebenezer,
Assistant Headmaster
28.06.2005 – 16.07.2007
Mr. S.A. Ganesan, B.Sc., M.A., B.Ed.,
B.T. Assistant.
from 17.07.2007 - 10.06.2014
Mr. P. Samuvel Raj, M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil.,
from 11.06.2014
Student Members50 students from XI Standard
Activities1. Monthly meeting will be held on every last Thursday to make
aware of consumer rights
2. To enable students understand fundamental rights of a citizen
3. To impart knowledge on product standards, product quality
and about markets
4. To inject knowledge and skills relating to consumer rights
among youth
5. To build a base of enlightened citizen customers as the
foundation of future India.